February 2019

  • Training Logs - Feb 3

    Log your mileage, weight routines, sleep, and more; add custom checkboxes to keep track of whatever matters to you. Also includes a weekly mileage planner to help you decide how far to run on a given day, and supports multiple run entries per day. Finally, includes visualizations and statistics that we chose to help you find trends in your training.

  • Posts and Feed - Feb 16

    Follow other athletes you care about and see their posts and results in one unified feed. Post your own stories with photos and link them to your results.

  • Coaching Tools - Feb 25

    Coaches will be able to claim ownership of their teams, allowing them to view training logs of all their athletes, analyze team training trends, upload mileage plans, share workouts and weight routines, share season schedules, and message athletes.

March 2019

  • Development Blog and API Documentation - Mar 5

    There are no publicly available APIs out there for running results, which is why we have designed our API to be usable by anyone from the start. While our API has been usable since RaceBase launched, we'll be releasing official documentation in March to make it much easier for anyone to integrate our data into their applications or services. Along with the API docs, we'll be releasing a Development blog to give you a behind the scenes look into how RaceBase is developed and why we made / make some our decisions.

  • Training Resources - Mar 12

    We at RaceBase have read a lot of books and articles on training, and we have quite a bit of first hand experience as well. We plan on launching a Wiki of sorts that will contain a wealth of information on training, and recommendations for our favorite books and external resources.

  • Training Tools - Mar 12

    An extension of our Logs, we'll be releasing a suite of tools that will help you do things like pace zone and heart rate zone calculations, splits, workout generators, conversions, race time predictions, and more.

  • RaceBase Pro - TBD

    We'll be offering a subscription service for $5 a month that gives you a suite of extra tools and features that you can't find anywhere else, along with some other cool perks. We'll also be offering team packages at a steep discount. More details coming soon.

April 2019

  • RaceBase for iOS - TBD

    One of our most requested features has been an app. The free RaceBase for iOS app will give you all of the functionality of the RaceBase desktop website, in a mobile-first package. We'll also be integrating with Apple HealthKit to allow you to import and export activites from other services, as well as Siri integration that will allow you to create shortcuts and ask Siri for information from RaceBase. This will also include an Apple Watch app.

  • Strava integration - TBD

    Rather than inputting your runs manually in your training log, we plan to allow you to connect to Strava to have your runs automatically imported.

  • RaceBase Alexa Skill - TBD

    If you have an Amazon Echo, the RaceBase skill will allow you to ask Alexa how far you have to run today, what your mileage is this week, when your next race is, and more.

May 2019

  • RaceBase for Android - TBD

    All the features of the RaceBase iOS app, but for Android.